Saturday, December 5, 2009


In the celebration of the Filipino Values month with the theme: Pagpapatibay ng Pagkataong Pilipino; Tugon sa Hamon ng Panahon is celebrated every month of November. Within this celebration many students has participated to the activities that they prepared. About the theme we should know the good values or characters of the Pilipino's that we shown to others.
The aim of this is to encourage the students to participate for the development of their skills and talents. It is also to enhance the students for creative participation in the promotion and strengthening of positive Filipino values through different contests. To be recognize and to appreciate positive Filipino values as tools towards proactive crisis. Learning new social skills in life like situations to enable one to meet the demands and challenges. In any activities and contests with this celebration is interesting of all the students. Strengthening the Pilipino values through the challenge of time, Which means that even though we are suffering from many kinds of challenges in life, we are still have the guts to smile, laugh and comfort to our friends and specially people that who needs help thats we called "BAYANIHAN". We should be strength to our human nature for the challenges that came in to our everyday life.. Time to develop and be the best with the passing of time change is one thing is constant and sure to happen. In the different contests there are many activities happened like the Poster slogan contest, Saya-awit, Cook-fest, Tagis Talino, Sabayang pagbigkas, the Morning Trivia portion that was held every morning of monday, tuesday and friday after the flag ceremony hosted by Mr. Obrero. There are also a kite flying contest that was held in our school field. Every one of them are happy and felt nervous, others are excited. The celebration is successfully done with the help also of the officers of the values club and specially the adviser of this club.
Definitely, we should show our talents of what we have and what they give, to gain more for the development of our selves. People follow more, what they say see rather than what they hear. People follow those whom they can trust, people expect their leaders to stand up for something. People need guide posts as they reach their goals and thats are we want to be.....

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